My T Shirt’s Getting Done!

Like I said last time, my next project is about shirts and selling them.

Found a great guide online and I’ll be using that to promote my soon to be t shirt business.

I found my suppliers a day ago. The guys from JollyPrints will be handling everything else for me. I saw their work, I got some recommendations from people I knew and I read about them online.

Anyway, I got some inspirations for the designs I will be creating and I’m already starting with my sketches.

Obviously, I’m an amateur and I’ll be improving as I get more time with it. Hopefully, it works out for the better.

My ideas? It’s a secret but it’s a mix of witty text and really nice comic art… well, I think that’s the end result. Let’s see where the sketches lead me to.

In closing:

Never give up on your dreams

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