Duterte signs the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law

MANILA, Philippines — The Commission on Human Rights has praised the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to sign the measure increasing penalties for hospitals that decline to administer initial medicinal treatment in emergency or serious cases.

“We recognize that its passage advances every Filipino’s right to health or more specifically, broadening theduterte signs anti hospital deposit law access to urgent or emergency health services – guaranteed both in domestic laws and international conventions,” the commission said in a statement.

“Equality and non-discrimination are fundamental human rights principles and critical components of the right to health,” it added.

The CHR said making it unlawful to demand any deposit as an essential for administering basic emergency care to any patient is an important protection to ensure that no patient is being discriminated against based his or her financial status.

“The commission supports the government in enacting concrete legislation that provide people better access to decent and adequate health facilities and services,” said the human rights body.

“The passage of Republic Act 10932 shows the current administration’s political and moral will to address the issue of healthcare, and does take cognizance of basic human rights concerns of Filipinos. The CHR commends the authors of the new law, as well as the President for signing it, affirming the State’s obligation to uphold everyone’s right to health,” it added.

Addressing concerns raised by private hospitals, the commission said it hopes that the government, hospital associations and patient support groups will achieve an agreement to sustainably implement the law to serve the best interests of the public.

“Faithful to its mandate, the commission, despite these positive developments, will continue to be proactive and vigilant in both monitoring the developments of rules and regulations for Republic Act 10932, as well as in pushing for other bills that would lead to a better healthcare system for the country,” the commission said.

“It is our hope that our legal and policy frameworks continue to include the protection of rights that would lead to a life of wellness and dignity for all,” it added.

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Empowering Digitalize Healthcare

Healthcare computer system is made to computerize manual operations in clinics, its basic purpose is to digitalize clinic management system to organize, manage and monitor patients record as well as medicines178704028-300x200 supplies inventory of a clinic. This is design for mobile doctors who manage multiple clinics in different areas.

Health providers can access to health information whenever and wherever a patient gets care, enhancing coordination and continuity of care for better informed decision making.

A system that offers everything you need to run your hospital more efficiently while ensuring comprehensive patient-center management through unified clinical applications. An application should be intuitive and easy to use something that would blend and not interfere with the doctor’s everyday practice.

Enabling healthcare organizations to achieve greater efficiency and provide doctors with instant access to real-time information.

Many healthcare practitioners have been using clinic management system for medical groups in the Philippines. In a developing country like the Philippines many assumed that medical technology and practice is poor and way behind when compared to western countries. More countries are discovering that the Philippines can offer world class healthcare that is why many health practitioners has been using clinical management system to improve their administrative tasks to support the sudden growth of patients. Without enough system to support this sudden growth of patients this will lead to poor service to patients.

And that is why reliable clinic management system is a must in maintaining your practice growth and patient satisfaction.

My New Side Project

Try Something New

I notice that milk tea had become very popular, that’s why I decide to make a new kind of milk tea! I got my inspiration through this post about kefir smoothie recipes. Basically kefir is just a yogurt and the idea is just to change the milk to milk kefir. The marketing will focus on the probiotics nutrient provided by kefir. I’m already excited to start doing this project.

In the past, I’ve tried so many recipe changing milk to yogurt, so I bet this will  be an interesting project. I only had a few experience about cooking or baking but my mom is very good at it.

I’ve already order my kefir grains and expected to be deliver to my house next week and I start doing this.

Happy New Guys!