My New Side Project

Try Something New

I notice that milk tea had become very popular, that’s why I decide to make a new kind of milk tea! I got my inspiration through this post about kefir smoothie recipes. Basically kefir is just a yogurt and the idea is just to change the milk to milk kefir. The marketing will focus on the probiotics nutrient provided by kefir. I’m already excited to start doing this project.

In the past, I’ve tried so many recipe changing milk to yogurt, so I bet this will  be an interesting project. I only had a few experience about cooking or baking but my mom is very good at it.

I’ve already order my kefir grains and expected to be deliver to my house next week and I start doing this.

Happy New Guys!


I’ve got it!

I mentioned last time that I was thinking about my next project and I think I have it.

A lot of artists use it and practice with it, but I’ve never done it in the past. It might look “cheap” but it’s a great way to express one’s self. I’m pretty sure you’ve tried something similar yourself in the past.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about shirts of course! It’s the most common, everyday thing and I have never ever tried using my art on it.

So what do I need to do?

  • I need to think of what I’ll do (What to design, how to sell, multiple designs?)
  • I’ll need to create a design! (Can’t wait)
  • I’ll need to find a printer
  • I’ll need to pay and get it printed
  • Sell them

I can’t wait! It’s time for me to stop blogging and go back to the drawing board, literally.

Till then guys!

My T Shirt’s Getting Done!

Like I said last time, my next project is about shirts and selling them.

Found a great guide online and I’ll be using that to promote my soon to be t shirt business.

I found my suppliers a day ago. The guys from JollyPrints will be handling everything else for me. I saw their work, I got some recommendations from people I knew and I read about them online.

Anyway, I got some inspirations for the designs I will be creating and I’m already starting with my sketches.

Obviously, I’m an amateur and I’ll be improving as I get more time with it. Hopefully, it works out for the better.

My ideas? It’s a secret but it’s a mix of witty text and really nice comic art… well, I think that’s the end result. Let’s see where the sketches lead me to.

In closing:

Never give up on your dreams

Looking for a new canvas

I’m pretty pumped! My latest art work got bought for a hefty $5,000! I’m definitely celebrating it tonight!

The problem I have now is “what’s next?”

I have no idea what I’ll do next.

As you may know, I do a lot of painting and I paint on a different canvas each time. I’m not sure what I’ll do next yet but I guess I can give it some time before I finally figure things out.

I’ll be browsing around Deviantart later to gather some ideas so one way or another, I’ll be putting out my next project in a couple weeks!

It’s been a while since I last blogged but I’m really excited so I couldn’t help it! I’m just really happy right now.

My lookbook page is also starting to get followers so I’m also really happy about that. Things are certainly looking up.

I’ll be going to the bar later so I hope to see a lot of my friends there. Finally have the chance to hang out and relax before going back to work. that I think about it. I have a new idea for my next project. Writing really does help, huh?

The Psychodynamic Approach of Joseph Burgo



Those who have read the books “Cinderella: A Tale of Narcissism and Self-Harm” and “Why Do I Do That?” are perhaps already more or less familiar with the tenets of Joseph Burgo’s approach to psychotherapy.  The same goes for those who follow his psychotherapy blog at  But for those who have yet to be introduced to his in-depth, psychodynamic approach to therapy and its intimate, potentially life-changing effects, there is much yet to discover.

Joseph Burgo PhD has been in the profession of psychotherapy for well over three decades, and in that time, he has refined his psychotherapeutic techniques to ones that he has found to be of the most lasting, deep, and positively freeing effects.  An adherent of the psychodynamic approach, Burgo is the type of therapist one approaches when seeking the sorts of revelations or realizations about the self that go beyond formulaic or cause-and-effect behavioral observations.  Insight is at the heart of Burgo’s approach: insight based on long-lasting, sometimes slightly time-consuming-to-arrive-at unveilings and understandings of the relationships, attachments, and defense mechanisms that the person has or has had in his life and which continue to shape the frame of his relationships to the day.

Burgo’s technique may be characterized as personal and profound in its exploration.  The idea is to work on lasting changes to the self, and not merely quick-fix behavioral issues that can be handled with a few sessions from someone of an appropriate psychotherapeutic school.  As a result, psychodynamic therapy like Burgo’s may well demand long hours of regular sessions for the sort of insightful healing that is its goal to take place.

Burgo is far from the only psychodynamic therapist at the moment, of course, although he is certainly one of the better known ones right now due to his blog, books, and online therapy work.  There are a fair number of psychodynamic therapists to this day, most of them referencing the base concepts established by such psychoanalytic greats such as Freud, Jung, and Bowlby & Ainsworth.  Their concepts have helped to shape dynamic psychology and its underpinnings of the conscious and the unconscious in interaction, a psychoanalytic approach that continues to be in use by Burgo and many other therapists to this day.

Get to know the psychodynamic approach of psychoanalysis as practiced by Joseph Burgo of by clicking the sites below and in so doing, understand better the principles of this particular psychotherapist in his trade.